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Namira Weight Gain Churna - Weight Management

Natural Appetite Enhancer for Weight Gain

Namira Weight Gain Churna not only increases the healthy appetite, but also improves nutrients absorption and balancing in the digestive system & stomach. It supports the growing of body while improves their vital organ function, metabolism system and energy level. This medicine offers a quick, high calories solution for hard gainers. It acts as appetite enhancers.

It has been observed that thin people are very likely to have less appetite and eat less than actually should. With the help of Namira Weight Gain a person’s appetite shoots up, making them eat more. Also it increase the feeling of hunger in a person due to which he consumes more food, thus gaining more weight, Leading to more consumption of food. This medicine provides minerals, vitamins, protein in herbal form and electrolytes which help support your weight gain programme.

Major Contents of Weight Gain Churna
Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosa):

It is supposed to increase the overall body growth and development and muscular strength. The active content spooning is proven to increase the synthesis of androgens which are useful especially in weight gain.


By taking Yashtimadhu not only will your immune system become strong, you also will notice a significant improvement in your stamina and strength.


It is very much beneficial in physical as well as mental stress related disorder like general debility anorexia etc. It has shown promising result when used as stimulants for the immune system. It is considered as an adopt of genic that stimulates the immune system.


Vacha is used to boost energy, provide a feeling of energy. Vacha is very essential to gain weight rapidly.

Namira Weight Gain Churna: is a combination of well-balanced herbs, which are rich in fibre contains all the necessary vitamins, mineral and hormones (natural steroids).


An Ayurvedic Medicine to enhance appetite and increase digestion & craving for food.


Natural Appetite enhancer for weight gain, build muscles, Improves Digestion, etc.


1 pouch after breakfast & 1 pouch after dinner every day with milk or luke warm water.

Presentation :

120 gms. churna


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