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Neutra Herbal Vita Day

For Energy, Performance, Stamina

Neutra Herbal Vita Day is a trusted daily health supplement with a unique combination of 20 vitamins, and minerals. One capsule a day keeps you fit and active all day.

Today, it is common for people to expect themselves to keep going because of competitive lifestyle demands that. As a result, it has become common for people to experience weakness, fatigue and tiredness. But, there is a way to handle this problem.

Neutra Herbal Vita Day - A unique Daily Health Supplement is a balanced combination of Vitamins and Minerals in appropriate concentrations that rejuvenate and strengthen our body organs, improves physical and mental performance, help fight fatigue due to stress and helps in improving overall health and vitality.

1. What is Daily Health Supplement?

Ans: A Daily Health Supplement is a balanced combination of essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals which enhances your stamina and helps maintain good health. It fulfils the need of essential nutrients in your body and keeps you fit and active all day long.

A good and effective Daily Health Supplement would contain carefully chosen Vitamins and Minerals to meet your daily health needs and help in overall improvement of well-being, boost the body’s internal defence mechanism, and make it stronger to ward off common ailments.

Neutra Herbal Vita Day is a Daily Health Supplement with necessary Vitamins and Minerals

2. Why is it Necessary?

Ans: Most of us for a variety of reasons are unable to have a perfect healthy diet with all required vitamins and minerals. For example, The World Health Organization recommends 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day. This is necessary to get our regular supply of essential vitamins & minerals and keep us fit and active.

But most of our diets due to our demanding lifestyles do not contain the right nutrients. In addition modern agricultural methods wash off many vital nutrients from our food.

Even in people who think that they have a regular nutritious diet; it still might be deficient in critical Vitamins and Minerals. This over the long term makes the chances of developing lifestyle diseases more common. All of this makes a Neutra Herbal Vita Day very important to keep us fit and active.

Benefits of Neutra Herbal Vita Day
  • Fight fatigue and keep you energetic throughout the day
  • Improves reaction time and mental arithmetic skills
  • Increases ability to handle tiredness and exhaustion due to stress
  • Helps improve your health and immunity
  • Supplements diet for increased well-being
  • Dosage:

    1 to 2 Capsule two to three times a day with water / milk after meals.


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