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Breast Torrer Cream & Capsule

Herbal Formula for Natural Breast Enhancement

Are you looking for the kind of full, firm breasts that really get noticed? If you're longing for a more voluptuous bust line, but you don't want to go under the surgeon's knife, you'll enjoy finding out more about BREAST TORRER. Breast enlargement kit is a natural and herbal way for breast enhancement and firmness. You can now gain beautiful bosoms naturally using this powerful herbal breast enhancing kit.

This cream is specially formulated for those women who are uncomfortable with undergoing breast augmentation surgery. This hot new herbal cream formula naturally increases the size and firmness of a woman's chest, and it's one hundred percent safe to use. It can naturally uplift the sagging busts as it re-defines the cleavage and nourishes the skin.

The breast enhancement products are great way towards femininity. The feeling of youthfulness is back with the regular use of herbal enhancement products. Many women who use Breast Torrer feel better about themselves, because they finally have the bodies that they've always dreamed of. Feeling more beautiful inevitably leads to increased self-confidence and more potent sex appeal…

Major Contents of Breast Torrer Cream & Capsule

Breast Torrer contains a unique natural blend of most powerful breast enhancing botanicals. The herbs are Gambhari, Mulethi, Ashwagandha, Vacha, Shatavari, Vidarikanda, Paribhadra, Safed Musali, Kamal Flowers, Kapikachu / Koucha, Elaichi, Daruharidra, Jeeraka, Patolpatra, Manjistha.

Breast Torrer Cream

Position right hand below the armpit and at the same level of the breast and draw your hand inwards to the centre of the body.

Position left hand to the side of the breast following the contour of the breast with the thumb pointing outward and other fingers pointing downward, and push in from the side to the centre of the body.

Move the right hand slightly toward the centre of the body, then use left hand to draw the breast from side and the base and massage in a clockwise motion.

Breast Torrer Cream & Capsule

1 capsule twice a day starting from 1st day of your menstrual cycle till 15th day of your menstrual cycle. Remaining 30 capsule continue on next menstrual cycle from 1st day till 15th day of the next cycle.

Side Effects - Breast Torrer is an Herbal remedy for breast enhancement, so it does not have any side effect.

Result: Patient starts getting good results within a couple of weeks, but a period of months is required to get desire results. Have Protein rich diet, you can get an increment of 1-2 cup size in the breast.


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