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Anagain Hair Forever

A Complete Solution for Hair Problems for Both Men & women

1. What is Anagain Hair Forever?

Ans: Hair Forever Kit is combination of well known Ayurvedic herbs compiled into one single kit for your complete hair care regime. These well selected & time tested herbs are in the form of A). Hair Serum 1 & Hair Serum 2. B). Hair Nutrition Shampoo. C). Hair Nutrition Capsule.

2. How to use the Anagain Hair Forever?

Ans: 1. Hair Nutrition Serum 1 & 2: Hair Forever Serum has to be applied daily and massaged to the roots of the hair & scalp. 2. Hair Forever Shampoo: Daily wash hair with hair forever hair shampoo. 3. Hair Forever Capsules: Take 1 capsule in morning and 1 capsule in evening.

3. Who can use Anagain Hair Forever?

Ans: As Anagain Hair Forever is a complete herbal hair care which is very useful in general day to day life to treat your valuable hair and keep them optimum healthy & shiny. Hair Forever Kit is also useful in following condition.

  • Premature greying of hair.
  • Controlling hair fall.
  • Repairs damage done by environmental pollutions & toxins.
  • Hair forever is equally effective for all ages, irrespective of gender & races.

  • Anagain Hair Forever Contains:
    Nutritional Shampoo:

    An herbal formula that keeps you fresh cool throughout day from heat, dust, prevents hair loss, premature greying and dandruff.

    Nutritional Hair Serum I & II:

    This nourishing hair serum has been carefully made associated with other herbs and infused with a range of top grade Bhringraj herb.

    Nutritional Capsule:

    It a research based herbal formulation, which provides necessary nutrition to the hair follicles. It provides necessary nutrients for the growth and pigmentation of hair.

    Instructions, Dosage & Usage
    Nutritional Hair Capsule:

    1 Capsule in night with water.

    Nutritional Hair Shampoo:

    Take 4-5 drops of hair nutritional shampoo on the palm of the hand and then apply it on wet hair with proper massaging. Massage your hair for 5 minutes and wash with water.

    Nutritional Hair Serum I & II:

    Take 10 drops of Hair Serum I & II on the palm of the hand, Mix with finger & then applies it on dry hair with proper massaging. Massage your hair for 5-10 minutes. Keep it on hair for at least 12 hrs.


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